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Uploading Files By Drag and Drop

This exciting new feature allows files to now be dragged over to Arithon in 2 ways:

1. Files can be dragged over the import button and uploaded as oppose to clicking import, selecting the file location and choosing the file to upload.

  1. If you have a folder open on your PC containing files to be imported, you can now drag the files from the folder screen to the Arithon screen.

  2. A box to upload files will automatically pop up when the file is dragged over the 'Import' button.

  3. The file will be uploaded when dragged inside the box.

  4. Release the file.

  5. Wait a few moments for this to load.

  6. Information will be parsed

  7. A new record will be created.

  8. You can do this with multiple files at the same time, or if you are using Google Chrome an entire folder can be uploaded this way.

2. You can drag files to the attachment tab on a candidate/client record in the same way.

ie. drag files from the folder screen to the attachment tab on Arithon screen, release to upload the file, wait a few moments, this will then appear as an attachment on the attachment tab. See below for changing the attachment type when uploading a file from the default which is 'Private CV'.

Please Note:

  • Currently this is only recommended on google chrome.

  • You can only drag folders on chrome.

Changing attachment types

Click and then double clicking on the attachment type in any browser now brings up a menu to choose a different attachment types.

Note: Currently a glitch that requires you to double click on this


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