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Key Word Matching

Make Keyword Mandatory in Matching

When you match against a vacancy you will get a list of all candidates that match the vacancy criteria (like location, salary, keywords, skills, etc), with a score for each candidate on how well they match.   
Candidate scores will increase the closer they are located to the job, and the more matching skills / keywords they have in Arithon and in their CV.  

If you are *only* interested in candidates that the correct keywords in their CV, and you do not want the match results to include any other candidates (even if their other scores are very high) you can do that as follows:  

  • Go to Admin  
  • Preferences 
  • Match Settings
  • Tick the box "Exclude candidates without the relevant keywords from the match results".
  • For each vacancy either add appropriate skills to the vacancy or add any keywords into the "CV Keywords" field for that vacancy.
The match results for that vacancy will then *only* include candidates with any of those keywords or skills in their CV.
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