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Collaboration Chat Tool

This feature allows recruiters to chat with each other, share information and get updates instantly.

  • Share with your team faster

  • Get instant notifications

  • Instantly share links to Arithon

  • Collaborate on vacancies

  • Win more business by working faster


This new feature will provide many benefits to clients and allow recruiters to work even more effectively.

  • Users can talk to anyone on their team who is online.

  • You can easily link to candidate records, vacancies and client records, and these links will take you directly to the appropriate screen in Arithon.

  • All information can be shared much faster and easier. 

Chat messages go directly to your whole team, you will no longer have to wait for team members to check emails. They will get updates straight away on their Arithon screen. To make life even easier for users, you will now get a notification in chat every time one of your records gets updated, so you will have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips at all times.

The Arithon team will be able to send announcements to anyone logged in to Arithon through this chat function. Any issues, problems or new updates that you need to know about will go straight to you, so you will know what is going on immediately.

How to use this?

Very simply, type messages in to the text box > Click enter to send

This tool also allows you to reference candidates, clients and vacancies from the chat log, and take you directly to that specific record based on ID.

To reference a candidate, client or vacancy, you will need to include the following:

  • a hash symbol '#'

  • 'cand' to reference a candidate, followed by the candidate ID; e.g. #cand15626

  • 'client' or 'clnt' to reference a client, followed by the client ID; e.g.  #client15627 or #clnt15627

  • 'job' to reference a vacancyfollowed by the vacancy ID; e.g. #job15628

Try this feature out now!

If you have any further questions on this new feature please contact our support team at

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