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Searching Candidates

The informoation below will cover the various ways to search for candidates on Arithon

When you Know the Candidate ID

If you know what the candidate's ID number is, you can jump straight to the candidate's record by clicking on the current ID number of a candidate (which appears between the left/right navigational arrows at the top of the page). A window will pop up, enter in the candidate's ID number, click OK and you will be brought straight to the candidate's record.

Simple Search
With a simple search you can search for candidates using the fields from the upper part of the screen, the Main tab, the Address tab, the Skills tab and the Bank details tab(if applicable). 
How to search for a candidate:
  1. Ensure that you are not already in search as Arithon does not support searches within searches
    • To the right of "Candidates", the number of candidates in the system is displayed along with the number off records that are contained in the search results. For example, if we have 1222 candidates in the system and have no search applied, then it will say "1222 of 1222 visible".
    • If a search has been run, the search is successful and a select few records are chosen (e.g. 32 records are returned), then to the right of Candidates it will say "32 of 1222 visible". and (Search Mode)
    • To remove the search, click on the "of 1222" or else you can click on the "Exit Search" button.
  2. Click on "Search", in the mail toolbar on the right, this will result in all the fields becoming blank and Search being displayed where the candidate ID normally is.
  3. When all the fields have been filled in, click on the "Search" button at the top right
  4. If no records have been found then a window will open saying 
    "No records were found.
    Filter will be removed"

    If records were found, then the number of records found will be displayed in bold underneath "Candidates"
  5. To browse through the records, use the brown navigational arrows. Alternatively, you can see all the records found using "List View"
Integrated Search
Integrated search is a combination of a simple search and a document search. 


To do an integrated search, do a simple search as normal. Then go to the attachments pane and fill in the term(s) you are looking for in the field by the binoculars. Then run the search as normal.

This will find all the candidates that meet the criteria that you have set and whose CVs contain the terms you are looking for.

Your results will be accessible from the list view screen and you will be able to mass mail your candidates. 

  • Put an @ symbol in the email field so that it will pull out candidates with email addresses
  • Search for candidates entered between to dates. See this article: Searching using "Date Registered"

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