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Comments Explained

The comments section allows the consultant to add notes to the candidates profile and also acts a history for all communication with the candidate. Comments are also added automatically as the candidate moves through the selections process.

Type of CommentExplanationGenerated

Gold StarThe gold star comment automatically stays up at the top of the list of comments.
Any gold star comments will be added to the candidate's CV when using the public profile generator

WarningRecords a warning about the candidate's poor performance or behaviour. Like the gold star, it automatically stays at the top of the list of comments.Manually

Email sent through ArithonRecords any emails sent to the candidate are recorded here.Automatically

Email received through ArithonAny emails imported to Arithon associated with this candidate are recorded here. The contents of the email is in the comments areaAutomatically

MeetingRecords any details about meetings with the candidateManually

WebsiteWebsite comments used in the vacancy screen are used for the job description that is used in the website module and the job boards. Currently, it does not mean anything on the candidate or the client screen, though this may change.Manually

PhoneUsed to record a note relating to a telephone conversationManually

PublicAny public comments. These will be added to the candidate's CV when using the public profile generatorManually

InterviewDisplays the new interview details in the comments section when generated automaticallyManually

SalesUsed to records sales notesManually

Selections Process CommentsAs the candidate move along the selections process, any information pertaining to the process such as sending CVs out, feedback from the candidate/client is stored here, interview detailsAutomatically

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