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Candidate List View

The List View screen displays all the results of a search (in groups of 100).

  • If you have not done a search - then the list view will display all the candidates.

The List View shows a quick overview of the candidates (candidate ID, forename, surname, department, consultant, status, work phone, mobile), which is why it doesn't show all the fields.

  • It is in alphabetical order and cannot be reordered; you can reorder the results by exporting to Excel.
  • To browse through the different pages in List View, use the left and right brown arrows.
  • To return back to the candidate screen, click on the "Browse" button - this will bring you to the last candidate record that was being viewed.
  • To look at a specific candidate's record, click on their ID. to return to the list view just click on the "List View" button again.

Please note that the following options are only available to administrators: 

Delete Candidates 
To permanently delete candidates from Arithon, administrators can click on the trash can that is on the candidate's row. 

Export List 
The export list feature, will export many of the details of the candidates that are in the list view into an Excel speadsheet. This is useful for sending out letters to the candidates 

Print List
The print list feature, will print out the brief overview of all the candidates in the list view. 

Note: If you are printing on A4 paper, you must set the page orientation to be landscape and for the margins to be less than 4. 

Additionally, if there are many records contained in the view, then it may take a while for the print list page to be loaded.

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