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Arithon Backup

***Please note, this function is available to Admin users only***

To make a backup[1] copy of your Arithon account, please do the following:

1) In the main Arithon Screen, click on the "Admin" button in the top right corner of the screen

2) Once the new "Admin" window opens, click on the "Import/ Backup" button

3) Now, click on the white button marked "Backup"

4) You can now click on the "Download Backup" button, and save the backup to your PC.

[1] Please Note

The downloaded file contains all the attachments that you have saved onto Arithon, it also contains an a file in Oracle proprietary binary format which is used to perform logical database recovery. As the file is in Oracle proprietary format, it can only be used between Oracle databases. Proprietary formats are file formats which are covered by a patent or copyright. Typically such restrictions attempt to prevent reverse engineering of file formats for the purposes of interoperability. This situation is not imposed by Arithon but by Oracle, our database provider.

The proprietary format file that is included in the download is automatically created by the Oracle database and contains the structure of the database along with the data in each table. With the correct tools and technical skills, it is possible to read the proprietary format file and extract the structural information. Exposing the structure of our database could possibly assist a person intent on gaining unauthorised access and is therefore a security concern. In order to tighten security and reduce the risk of unauthorised access which could affect all our users, we encrypt the Oracle backup file. Arithon holds the security of its system and the data contained within, in utmost regard.

If you require data in CSV format, please use the "Export to Excel" link which can be found on the List View page and Reports section (Admin users only).

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