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Searching using Date Ranges

In the vacancy screen, you are able to search for a range of dates for the following fields:
  • (Date) Entered
  • Starting (date of contract)
  • End Date of Contract

How to add in the date ranges
  • Ensure that you are in search mode, "Entered", "Starting" and "End Date of Contract" will all be underlined links.
  • Click on the link that you want to enter the date range for and the date range window will open.
  • Click in the text box beside "From" and a calendar will pop open.
  • Double click on the date for it to be entered in the "From" box.
  • Repeat this for the "To" box and then click on "Search" button.
  • This will close the box and place the date range in the appropriate field.

If you do not want to search for a range of dates, you are able to specify a particular date by typing it into the relevant field
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