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Searching using "Date Registered"

When you are searching on the candidate screen, you will notice that "Date Registered" is underlined. By clicking on this link, it will enable you to specify a range of dates that you can search for. 

This feature is useful when you are adding many candidates over a number of days, perhaps by using the "Add CV's" button or using the email import and you want to find those new candidate records. Or perhaps you are searching for a candidate but you don't know their name but you know they were added sometime last week.

How to add in the date range:
  • Ensure that you are in search mode, "Date Registered" will become an underlined link.
  • When the "Date Registered" link is clicked, the date range window will open.
  • Click in the text box beside "From" and a calendar will pop open.
  • Double click on the date for it to be entered in the "From" box.
  • Repeat this for the "To" box and then click on "Search" button.
  • This will close the box and place the date range in the "Date Registered Field".

If you do not want to search for a range of dates, you are able to specify a particular date by typing it into the "Date Registered" field.
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