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Manage Users / Changing User Details

Manage Users

In Arithon, only the master user is able to change the user profiles of the Arithon users through the Manager User's section.
  • Log into Arithon.
  • When you are presented with the page that says "Click here to access Arithon" click on the "Manage Users" link.
    • You will then be presented with a list of all the active users of your Arithon system. They will each have a link "edit" beside their name. 
  • Click on the "edit" beside the user who's details you wish to edit.

Changing User Details

The master user is able to change the user profiles of the Arithon users. 

They may edit the following details:
  • Real name (when sending emails this appears as the "From")
  • Email address (when sending emails, this is the address that mails come from)
  • Password
  • Direct number
  • Internal Department (used in the Reports area)
  • The type of user (normal user or administrator - for further information see the knowledgebase article: Differences between administrator and normal users)
  • The user's email signature which is sent with outgoing emails from Arithon
  • Access times  
  • Holiday times
  • IP restrictions
  • Email Signatures: Click here to add or edit Email Signatures

Should you wish to change the username please contact support. When changing usernames, we advise that the user's records are transferred to an active user. When emailing the support team, please specify which active user should receive the records. 
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