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Searching Documents

Arithon allows users to search for terms within documents that have been uploaded into Arithon. There is the CV keyword search and the general search from the attachments tab.

Document Searching via the Attachments Pane
You can search for terms in candidate , vacancy and client documents from the appropriate attachments tab.
  1. Go to the attachments tab of the record type you wish to search through
  2. Above where you upload the files, there is a search box. Fill in the term you wish to search for and then specify which document the search applies to and then press "Search!"
  3. The documents containing the terms specified will be listed according to their score. You can view the document by clicking on "View Document".
  4. Please note that this version of searching does not allow you to place candidates on the selections screen or to do a mailshot via the "last search" option.

Document Searching via Quick Menu
You can quickly search candidate, client and vacancy attachments via the Quick Menu. In the text box, input the term that you wish to search for and then click on the relevant icon to search the documents.

Please Note:

  • Documents that have been scanned and uploaded into Arithon cannot be searched.
  • You are unable to mass mail candidates from a document search. You will need to do an integrated search - see Integrated Search

Use the following tips to get the most of this powerful search feature:

  • Phrases should be in quotes
    • "Software developer"
  • Combine phrases/terms using AND
    • Java and c++
  • Exclude phrases/terms using NOT
    • Java not c++
  • Exclude phrases/terms using OR
    • Java or c++
  • Use brackets to create more complicate queries
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