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Bulk Importing of CVs

If you have a number of CVs stored on your PC's hard drive, Arithon has developed a method to import these into your Arithon Account automatically.
  1. On the botton left hand corner of the screen, click the "Import Button". (This is the "Add CVs" button in the old interface)
  2. A new window called "Add New CVs" should now open.
  3. Now, on your PC, browse to the folder, where the CVs you wish to import are stored, e.g. your "My Documents" folder
  4. Next, move and resize the windows, when necessary, so that you can clearly see both windows (side by side) on your screen. E.g. on your screen you should now be able to see both the "Add New CVs" window, and your personal folder.
  5. In the "Add New CVs" window, click on the "Activate Window" link
  6. You are now ready to transfer files into Arithon.
  7. To transfer a file, simply drag the appropriate CV from your personal folder, across to the white box in the "Add New CVs" window.
  8. When you have successfully added the CVs you wish to import into the Add CVs box, click the "Done" button.
  9. For each CV transferred Arithon will create a new candidate record, placing the CV in the Attachment area.
    • If your system is not availing of the CV Parsing feature, then the filename of the CV will be added as the surname and forename of the candidate.
    • If you are availing of the CV parsing then the contact, skills, education and employment details will be added appropriately to the candidate record.

When all the CVs have been added, then an email report will be sent to you.

Note: Due to standard internet connection configurations, we suggest that you only import a maximum of 20 CVs at a time. Additionally, you must copy the individual files over to the window, it is not possible to import the contents of a folder containing CVs using this method.

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