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What Is Involved in Using the Job Boards

1. Firstly there are certain fields that have to be filled out for the Job Board function to work, as this is the information that will be seen on the Job website.
  • You need to write up a "Jobsearch" comment, which will be the public description of the job displayed on the job site.
  • The status of the job must be "open"
  • You must have at least one skill completed, although we do advise to have more.
We recommend that you add in as much detail as possible as this is what will be viewed on the job site.

2. Next, In the Administration section of Arithon, click the "Job Boards" button and then select the job board(s) that you wish to upload to from the list of registered Job Boards

3. All of the jobs that you have stored on Arithon, which meet the criteria mentioned above in the first paragraph, will then be displayed. You can then choose which jobs you want to upload. You can also remove jobs, which are currently on a job board from this screen.

4. Certain Job Boards require you to fill out your data in specific ways. For example a particular board may require you to store London East as East London in order for this field to be transferred to the job site.

If you go to the administration section of Arithon and click on mapping, there is a section that takes your data and shows what the particular job site requires you to store it as.

Here is an example to illustrate the mapping of department/skills:
  • You have a vacancy, which you wish to upload to a jobsite. 
  • The vacancy is for Acme Computers and requires a candidate who has computer skills. 
  • You will fill out a web comment with the description of the position that you wish displayed on the job site. 
  • In the skills section you may have "computer skills". However "Acme job site" may have this skill under the title of "I.T. skills". By clicking the mapping button mentioned above, Arithon will display what the particular site requires you to change a specific skill to. Therefore using this example you will be told to change computer skills to I.T. skills. This is a once off process and can be done by a simple click of a button.
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