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Skills Screen

Skills are used in Arithon in the candidate screen and in the vacancies screen. Skills may be added, removed and reassigned all from the Skills menu in the Admin section.
Initial Setup
When Arithon is first run, there are no skills listed. To add a default list of skills, click on the "Insert Default Skill List". The large white area to the left will then be populated with all the default skills. This list will then be available for use in the candidate and vacancy screens.

This list may be removed by click on the "Remove Default Skill List" link.

Adding a Skill
  • Go to the Admin section, click the Skills button
  • Click on the "Add Skill" button
  • Enter the skill name when prompted and press "OK"

Removing a Skill
When removing a skill, all instances where this skill has been entered will be blanked. To avoid this, you may want to consider reassigning the skill to another skill e.g. an alias of the skill, before removing the skill.
  • Click on the skill that you wish to remove, so that it become highlighted in blue
  • Click on the Remove button.
  • A warning box will pop up warning that all the instances will be blanked. If you want to continue press "OK" otherwise click "Cancel".

Adding a Skill Alias
Aliases are used for when one or more skills mean the same. For example, the system can be set up that an "Administrator" is the same as "PA", "Personal Assistant", "Receptionist". One term is chosen as the primary skill - this will show up in the skill list and the rest are hidden. When matching from the vacancies screen, if "Administrator" is listed as one of the skills, Arithon will search the candidates' CVs for "Administrator" but also for any of the aliases.

In the skills list in the admin area, primary skills (those that are visible on the candidate and vacancies screen) are coloured red. Aliases are coloured black.

Many people use this feature if their skills list becomes long and unwieldy.

Please note that should a skill become an alias of another, this does will not change the skills as listed in the candidate and vacancies screen.

To create aliases:
  • Decide which skill is the primary skill
  • For the other skills, click on them one by one and click on "Change to Alias"
  • In the window that pops up, click on the primary skill

Reassigning a Skill
If Skill A is reassigned is reassigned to Skill B, then all candidate and vacancies skills that contain Skill A will now have Skill B listed and not Skill A (experience is not changed though).
  • Click on the skill so that it becomes highlighted
  • Click on the "Reassign" button
  • If the skill is an alias, it is automatically reassigned to the primary skill. Otherwise, a window will pop up where you select the skill to which the entries should be reassigned to
Note: When making changes to skills, please note that in order for the changes to be seen in the main application you should press the "Refresh" link which appears above the skill list on the Skills tab.
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