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CSV Import Overview

What is CSV Import?
The CSV import facility allows new clients to quickly and effectively import their existing database into Arithon

What is CSV?
CSV (Comma Seperated Value) is a simple file format. CSV files can be edited using a text editor like notepad, or more easily using a spreadsheet application like Excel.

What can I Import?
Candidate and client records. By downloading the latest CSV file, you can see what fields can currently be imported into Arithon. CVs can also be imported.

Where can I download the CSV Files?
Open the admin section in Arithon. Click on "Import/Backup". From this page you can download the "example of the candidate" and "example of the client" CSV fies.

What are the guidelines when entering in the data?
  • Do not change the order of the columns in the csv file
  • Do not add or delete columns in the csv file
  • You may delete any sample data but leave the column names intact
  • When importing candidates, every row must have a forename and a surname
  • When importing clients, every row must contain a company name
  • The following fields correspond to dropdowns in Arithon. The values entered in these fields must be the same as the values in the dropdowns.
    • location / preferred location
    • source
    • notice
    • skills
    • custom fields (if dropdown)
    • salutation
    • user_id
    • department
    • client status
    • licence
  • The "user_id" field corresponds to the consultants - use the consultant's Arithon username in this field
  • In the client import, the industry column refers to the sector dropdown in the clients screen. As with all dropdowns in the CSV import, the values entered here must correspond to the values available in the dropdown.
  • When importing CVs, just the filename should be entered and contact the support team for assistance

How do I add more than one contact for a company?
Each contact should be on their own row - this row must contain the company name. You do not have to fill in the company address, phone number etc. for each contact, Arithon will use the values entered for the first contact of that company.

How do I save the file as CSV when using Excel?
Go to "File" and then "Save As" . In the file type select CSV or "comma delimited values" or "comma separated values")

How do upload the CSV files?
Go to the import section in the admin screen. Click "Browse" beside File upload and navigate to the csv file. The appropriate type should be selected and the delimiter set as comma. Then click on "Submit". Arithon will report if there are any errors with the file.

You are able to export contacts from your Microsoft Outlook address book into a CSV file which you can then edit into the format required by Arithon. For more information please consult this 3rd party page: Microsoft Office Assistance: Export information. Remember you will want to export the information into a CSV file!

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