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Applying Access Times & Holidays

Master users of Arithon are able to enforce access times to Arithon for their users as well as disable access for users during holidays.

Log in to Arithon. When you are presented with the page that says "Click here to access Arithon" there is a link to the left "Manage Users" in the My Account section. Click on this link. You will then be presented with a list of all the active users of your Arithon system. They will each have a link "edit" beside their name and a description of the type of user they are (Normal / Administrator). Click on the "edit" beside the user who's details you wish to edit.

Applying Access Times
  • To enable access times, "Yes" must be selected underneath the "Access Times?", you will then be able to edit the times.
  • Access times are all in GMT and take into account Daylight Savings Time.
  • For each day, set a start time and an end time. Times are given in the 24 hour clock in intervals of 15 minutes. We recommend that 15 minutes lee-way before and after office hours should be given.
  • To disable a persons access for a particular day, the start time and end time should be set to the same time.
  • Access Times can be disabled by selecting "No" underneath the "Access Times?"
Applying Holidays
  • To enable holiday times, "Yes" must be selected underneath "Apply Holidays?", you will then be able to enter dates.
  • Enter the start and end dates using the link to the calenders provided. Alternatively, you can manually enter the dates in dd/mm/yyyy format.
  • The holiday starts from 00:00 of the start date and ends at 23:59 of the end date.
  • After the holidays have ended, any access times that have been applied will come into effect.
  • Holidays can be disabled by selecting "No" underneath "Apply Holidays".
Disabling Access Times
  • To disable access times, "No" must be selected underneath the "Access Times?". The times will then become inactive.
Disabling Holidays
  • To disable holiday times, "No" must be selected underneath "Apply Holidays?". You will no longer be able to enter in dates.
Once these details have been updated, they will come into effect the next time the user logs in to Arithon.
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