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How do I set up Email Integration

This is a feature allows you to access your email account through Arithon, allowing you to:  
  1.  Import CV's/ emails/application directly into the Arithon system
  2.  Allows Arithon to tag emails sent or received to any candidate or clients records.

To set this up, enter in the appropriate settings for the email account that you will be using to import into Arithon. 
(You can request the below details from your email provider)   

  • Click on the email tab on the left hand side.
  • A box will appear prompting you for user details:
    • Username: This is your username for your PC
    • Password: This is your password for your PC
    • Incoming Email Server: This is your mail server, e.g.
    • Port: This is your port server number, e.g. 993
    • SSL: (Secure Socket Layer): This can be switched on or off
  • Click login
    • This will take you to your email account.
  • Click on 'Run Arithon Import' at the top of your screen.
    • This will set up the Arithon Import feature allowing you to import CV's to Arithon. 
  • Click Settings
  • Click Folders
    • Here you can subscribe to any folder you want Arithon to see. 
  • Select 'ArithonImport' and 'Emails Imported' folders

To Import any Emails into Arithon:
  • Select the email you want to import
  • Drag and drop the email to the 'ArithonImport' folder
    • This will copy the email across 
  • Click on the 'ArithonImport' folder.
  • Mark email as unread
  • Click 'Run Arithon Import'
    • This will import the CV’s. 
    • Create new candidates  
    • Update existing candidates 
    • If the Vacancy ID is included in the subject fields; this will automatically place that candidate on the selections screen for that vacancy. 
  • You will automatically receive a report confirming that this candidate has been imported and a new record created. 

How to Setup Email Tagging Feature 

Once you have logged into your email account successfully you can then select the email tagging feature by following the steps below -

  • From the email integration screen click on the settings option in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • From the 'section' menu on the left select the Arithon Email tagging feature.
  • This will give you a list of all the folder Arithon can view in your account.
  • Under the 'Tag Email' column click the check box next to any folder you want Arithon to scan and tag emails from. )please note that this will make emails from that folder visible to all consultants on your account).
  • Once you have selected a folder you will be given the option to 'Rescan folder' which will rescan all older emails in that folder (this should only be run once and could take a couple of minutes).
  • Going forward Arithon will now scan the selected folders for any new email on a regular basis and attached links to the emails were the senders address matches with a candidate or contacts address.

You will now be able to access all incoming email to the candidate or client by going to the email tab in the candidate or client record.

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