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How to Add Candidates to Arithon

Candidates can be added to your system by 4 different methods:

Add Candidate Button
  1. Navigate to the candidate screen by clicking the candidates button.
  2. Click the Add New graphic button.
  3. All fields on the screen will be cleared. and you can now begin to enter in the appropriate details for the candidate.
  4. Once you have completed filling in details for the "upper section" of the Candidate screen, click the Save graphic button.
  5. A new Candidate Record will be created in the your system, with a unique Candidate ID associated with it.
  6. You may now proceed to add more details using the Candidate screen tabs.

Import Button
The Import button allows you to add CVs that are on your hard drive or network to your Arithon system in bulk.
  1. Click on the Import button
  2. Once a new window is launched, click on Activate Window to enable the window
  3. Open a new windows folder, and navigate to where the CVs you wish to import are saved, e.g. "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents".
  4. Resize both windows, so that both are visible on the screen.
  5. Now simply click on the file/ files that you wish to import, and drag them into the "import box"
  6. Once all of the files you wish to import are dropped into the "import box", click Done
  7. ArithonASP will create a new candidate record for each of the CVs added.
  8. For each new record, the surname field will contain the name of the imported file, and the file itself will be stored into the attachments area for that new record.

If you have availed of our CV parsing feature, the CVs will be parsed as they are brought in and all the relevant information entered into the record. After all the documents have been added, you will receive an email detailing the results of the import.

Email Import
The email import facilty allows for candidate records to be easily created by importing candidate emails. For further information please see our knowledgebase articles on this feature Email Import Overview. Like the Import facility this too can be used in conjunction with the CV parsing.

CSV Import
The CSV import facility allows new clients to quickly and effectively import their existing candidates into Arithon. For more information please see our knowledgebase article CSV Import Overview
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