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How To Email A Candidate

You may email a candidate from the candidate screen by clicking on "Personal Email" link beside the candidate's email address. The email message window will open.

Automatically, the From: will be from you with the email address as specified in your user details (see User details).

If you click on the To: button, the select recipients window opens and you may add more candidates to the mailing list. Those listed on the box on the right hand side are the recipients of the email. If you tick the box beside Take all candidates from last match/search, then all the candidates returned will be emailed - on the right hand side it will just display Last match or last search.

You may also search for candidates and add them to the mailing list. Enter the search term in the field and press Go. The candidates found will be displayed on the left hand side. Select the candidate and click on Add to add them to the mailing list.

To remove a person from the mailing list, select their name on the right hand side, and click on Remove. When you are finished, click on OK, this will close the select recipient window.

Enter the subject of the email here

Email Body
Enter the body of the email here. You may use the placeholders provided. Placeholders will be replaced with the relevant data. If you are doing a mass email, and use the placeholder for recipient forename, then for every person the email is being sent to, the placeholder will say the persons name. 

The placeholders available are:
  • Link to the update page for the candidate to update their record
  • Recipients full name
  • Recipients forename
  • Recipients email address

Adds attachments to the email.
  • Click on the Attachments button which will open the Attachments. window.
  • Click on Browse which will open a windows explorer window. Navigate to the file on your computer that you wish to attach and then press Open in the explorer window.
  • Click on Add/Delete Attachments.
  • To delete an attachment from the email, tick the delete box by the attachment and then click on Add/Delete Attachments.
  • When you are finished, click on OK.

Check Spelling
This will open a spell checker similar to the one used in Word.

Sends the email. The email will be recorded in the comments section of the candidate screen.
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Scheduling Emails (Send On)

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added a new email feature that will allow you to schedule a day/time that emails are to be sent.

For example:

  • Sending a good luck email on the day of a candidate interview - this can be created in advance and scheduled to be sent on the morning of the candidates interview.
  • Send out mailshots and set the email to go out at a time that gets the best responses.
  • Targeting international candidates / clients - you can schedule the email to go out at a certain time that complements the time difference.

From the email screen you are now able to select the 'Send On' field located directly across from the 'From' field. This will allow you to select a date and time using a pop up Calendar function and once you hit Send on the email - the email screen will disappear, but the email will not be sent until the date and time youve selected.

This can be used for creating new emails or sending templates from any of the screens in the system.

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