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Emailing Candidates Asking Them To Update Their Records

From the candidate screen in Arithon, it is possible to send a bulk email to candidates asking them to update their records (name, contact details and skill set). This is accomplished by sending them a link to a page where they can edit the details (like the email import). In order to do this, follow these steps:
  • From the candidate screen, click on "Personal Email", this will open the "Email Message" window.
  • Select the recipients of the email (automatically, the candidate who's record is visible is a recipient). To do this, click on the "To" button which will open the "Select Recipients" window.
    • You may explicitly state the candidates who should be emailed, by searching for them and adding them to the recipient list (the box on the right of the window).
    • Alternatively, you may mass mail all the candidates that were returned in the last search that you did, by ticking the box beside "Take all candidates from last search".
    • Similarly, for mass mailing candidates who were returned in the last match.
    • When selecting recipients from last search/match, a list of all possible recipients will be displayed in the left hand pane. If there are a large number of people in the results then this may take a couple of seconds to show
    • Write the body of the email. To include the update link, select "Link to the update page ..." from the placeholders dropdown. This will insert "###DETAILS_LINK###" where the link will be in the email.
    • When the email is ready, click on "send"
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