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Email Import Overview

What is Email Import?
Email Import allows you to directly import emails from candidates that you have received into Arithon.

Why would I want to use Email Import?
Email Import will help you manage all emails you receive from candidates including those sent via job boards.
  • When the email import is run, it will create a new record for every email address that is not already in the system and place the body of the email in as a comment.
  • If the candidate is already in the system, the body of the email is still added as a comment.
  • If the subject includes a job ID that matches one in Arithon, the candidate is placed on the selections screen for that job
  • You can automatically send a response to your candidate. Say you have 2 email accounts set up - arithon_yes_please and arithon_no_thank_you - you can set up different responses for these accounts.
  • Your response can include a "details link" - this will allow the candidates to fill in their contact details and add their skills.
  • You can specify the consultant that the new candidates belong to - when the candidates have been imported the consultant will receive an email report
  • The CV attached to the email will be parsed and all the candidates details will be filled in automatically. (Please note that CV parsing is an optional extra to the Arithon service)
What do I need?
You will need to set up new email accounts (IMAP) that you will drag and drop the emails into - this will prevent any emails that should not be put into Arithon being imported. Your ISP will be able to provide you with IMAP accounts, or alternatively contact Arithon Support.

You need to decide how many accounts you want - should each consultant / department have their own account? Do you want to include the details link in some responses and not in others? 

Please note that if you are using Outlook 2000, then you must be in Internet Mail Only Mode.

How do I set it up?
Set up the IMAP account(s) on your machine and then set it up in Arithon (see this knowledgebase article: How do I set up an Email Import in Arithon?) and then you are ready to go!
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