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How To Put A Candidate Forward For an Interview?

In order to record a candidate going forward for an interview you must have the following:

  • have the candidate in Arithon
  • have the vacancy in Arithon
  • have matched the candidate to the vacancy
If you have not matched the candidate to the vacancy, please have a look at this article on how to do so: Manually match a Candidate to a Vacancy 
Once you have matches the candidate to the vacancy, the candidate will show on the selections screen for that particular job. On the selections screen you can record all those actions that precede the candidate having the interview. The recommended order is as follows (but as you can see on the screen you may jump steps)
  1. Contact the candidate to ask if it is OK to send on their CV to the company
  2. Contact the company to see if it is OK to send on the candidate's CV
  3. Send the CV
    • Email the CV: this will send the CV out via Arithon. By default, Arithon will attach the latest public CV. If there is not a public CV available, then it wll attach a private CV and warn you that there is only a private CV available
    • Send CV manually: This will mark the CV as having being sent to the company but you Arithon will not have sent it. This is useful if you have to post or fax the CV or if you would prefer to send it with your own email program
  4. Arrange Interview
Once you have arranged the interview, the candidate will no longer be on the Selections screen. They will have progressed onto the Interviews screen.

Please note that you can place the candidate in the vacancy straight away - this is useful for temporary placements. 

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