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Using Skype to Call Telephone Numbers in Arithon

Did you know that Arithon can now integrate with Skype so that you can simply "click to call" any number? Any user who has Skype installed can click the 'phone icon' next to any telephone number in order to place a call.

In order to set up this feature, simply go to Admin->Preferences->Telephony (VOIP) and choose 'Skype' from the drop down. Hit 'Save' and then exit out of the Admin area, shutdown Arithon and restart it. This will enable the "click to call" feature in Arithon so you can begin making calls.

Please note: 
1) You must have Skype installed on your PC and working correctly. 
2) You must also have purchased "Skype Out" credit which allows you to make calls on the public telephone network.
3) A Headset with microphone or VOIP telephone is required.

As Skype is a 3rd party product and is not associated with Arithon, we are not responsible for any problems or difficulties with installing the Skype software or using the Skype service.

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