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Pop-Up Blockers

How to disable popup-blockers
These programs can interfere with accessing various features of Arithon. 
         Most people don't know that they have one or more popup-blockers on their computer, because these programs are often anonymously included with other programs and even Windows updates that they download.   

What are Popups? 

  • Unwanted popups are screens that come up when you're surfing the internet. You go to one page, and an ad opens up on another page. They are often the product of spyware. Because they're so common and irritating, popup blockers are popular.
  • When you click on a link to intentionally open a web page in a new window, you are requesting a wanted popup. You do that many times while surfing the internet and using Arithon. The problem is that most popup-blockers interfere with wanted and unwanted popups. For that reason, they need to be turned off while you're using Arithon.


How do you turn them off? 

If you have IT Personnel please ask them for assistance when making these changes.

  1. Go to browser ‘Tools’ in the top right of your internet explorer window, move the mouse over the ‘pop up blocker’ settings and select ‘turn off pup up blocker
  2. Google toolbar – If there is a Google button in the top right of your screen right click on the button, go to options, then tools, select the pop up blocker and uncheck to turn it off.
  3. On the Arithon Launch page click on the link ‘Click Here’ which will prompt you to run the settings/registry file. Except the prompts by clicking on 'Yes', 'Continue' or 'Ok'. The final pop up should tell you that the download was successful

After completing the above steps close down ALL Internet explorer windows, open a new window and log back into Arithon. 


  • Can’t add skill/location
  • Can’t attach to email
  • Reports not displaying
  • Can’t add recipients to Mail Shot

If there is any problems or questions on this please email

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