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Custom Fields


Admin Users only

What is this?

  • The facility allows the you to create and customise additional fields.
  • It is available for up to 5 additional fields which can be custom labelled and can be either plain text or drop-down select boxes.
Steps to Set up Custom Fields:
    • Click on the Admin tab.
    • Click on Preferences.
    • Click Custom Fields.
    • Under Field Name, enter in the label you would like each field to be given.
    • Select whether the field should be a text field or a drop down field.
      • If you have selected the field type as drop-down, you will need to add in values.
      • Click on the Menus button in the admin section.
      • In the list of fields, select the corresponding custom field to the one you have used (Custom 1 - Custom 5).
      • Add in menu options to use.
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