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Why are Selections not appearing on the Selections Page?

There are two reasons why selections may not appear visible on the selections screen and the solutions are outlined here:
The vacancy does not have a contact associated with it
The job that you have selected a candidate for needs to have a contact set in order for it to appear on the selection screen. You can set a contact for a job by going onto the vacancy screen and clicking on the word "Contact" which is under "Company". A popup will appear and a list of contact for the related company will appear and you can select a contact name. If there are no contact names in the list then you will need to add a contact in the client screen and then go back to the vacancy page and select that contact as per above instructions.

The candidate does not belong to you or you did not match the candidate and the job
On your selections screen, you will see any candidates belonging to you (i.e. you are the consultant for that candidate) going forward for any job and any candidates you have matched to a job.

If you are an administrator you can view individual consultant's selections screens or all selections by using the consultant dropdown at the the top of the page.

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