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Update Java Settings For CV Import

This aritcle will instruct you on how to install/configure java on your machine.

Common issues that are the result from not having java installed or incorrect settings are -

-Unable to import Cv's

-Java application is blocked from running

-Some popup's are unable to be displayed


Installing/Updating Java

Go to and select the option to verify you have java.

If you are prompted to update then follow the instructions.

If you are told you do not have Java then follow the instruction to download the latest verion of Java.

If you are given a message that says you have the current version then close the application.


Configuring Java settings

Go to the start button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and select the control panel.

From the main screen or by going to programs right click on the java icon

Go to security tab in java control panel and move the security slider bar to the bottom marked 'Medium'. Click on the apply button.

Close down all browser windows and log back into arithon to see the change.

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