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How Safe is my Password?

Does your password contain the following?

1. Your name / nickname / username / company name

2. 123

3. abc

4. qwerty

5. a word in the dictionary

6. A football team

If you answered "Yes" to any of those, then you should definitely read this article. If you

didn't, you probably should read this article anyway.

Arithon relies on its users having safe and secure passwords to stop intruders from

impersonating an Arithon user. Good passwords are essential to keeping your Arithon account

secure - a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; if a consultant has a guessable password

then that makes the Arithon account vulnerable. All consultants should have have good

passwords and good password sense.

So what makes a good password?

We have put a few do's and don'ts together for creating a password that is unlikely to be

guessed. A persistent intruder or computer program should not be able to guess a password in

a short period time


● Include letters in upper and lower case

● Include punctuation marks

● Include numbers

● Include a mixture of all of the above

● Make passwords longer than 5 characters


● Use words or acronyms from the dictionary

● Use personal information (birthday, name, spouse's name)

● Use passwords used as examples of "good" passwords

● Use sequential letters (abc) or numbers (123)

● Use keyboard patterns (qwerty)

● Use words/phrases from Star Trek, Star Wars or Monty Python

● Use football club names (especially those in the Premiership!)

● Use 2 or more characters the same in a row (dd44)

● Save your password in Internet Explorer.

A good way to remember a password is to make it slightly meaningful to you. Take "I live in a

lovely 3 bed house outside Dublin". By using the first letter of each word you can make quite

a strong password "Ilial3bhoD". Mix up the cases of the letters and add in some punctuation

like "Wlial3bhiT!!"and you have a strong password.

There are also password generating facilities available on the Internet, such as this third party

website: . If you use one of these facilities we do

recommend that you change the passwords slightly.

So what is good password sense?

Password sense is ensuring that once a suitable password has been chosen it is not intercepted

by a would-be intruder. Passwords are valuable and should be treated as so. Passwords should

never be written down or shared with anyone. Passwords should periodically be changed.

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