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Why is my callback feature not setting the correct time in my outlook?

If you are finding that when you set a callback in Arithon and set it in Outlook also, that the actual time of the callback is offset by an hour (+/-) from the one originally chosen, then your PC may have "Daylight Savings Time" set to automatically adjust for the clocks going forward or backward in summer and winter. You may need to perform the following workaround to prevent this issue:

  1. Open the Date/Time properties applet in the Control Panel (or double-click the clock in the Task Bar)
  2. Click the "Time Zone" tab.
  3. Near the bottom, you should find a check box to indicate whether or not the time should be automatically adjusted for "daylight savings" changes. Un-select this checkbox and press "Apply".
  4. Click the "Date & Time" Tab and ensure that the current time is correct, if not, then adjust as necessary.
  5. Press "OK".

All callbacks in Arithon that are also set in Outlook should now have the correct time displayed.

Note: Time zone handling in Arithon follows standard convention where possible. Of course, one person's "standard convention" may not be another person's and that is one of the challenges of designing a scheduling product used around the world.

For further information on working with time zones in Outlook please see the following page here.

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