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Email Signatures

This section will allow you to add an email signature, so that any emails that you send out when logged in through Arithon will include your email signature.  

To set up you email signature on Arithon:

  • Click on Mange Users
  • Click on edit beside the username that you want to create the signature on.
  • Scroll down through the user details to the email signature text box
  • Type your signature as you would like it to appear.
  • Press Update

To add a logo to your signature:

  • Select the image icon on the tool bar (small picture frame icon).
  • You must enter the URL of where your logo is situated.
    • If you do not know this, go to Google images, and type in the name of the company or logo, and take the URL from here).
  • Press ok
  • Press Update

    To add a link to your logo / image:
    • Right click on the image when appears on your signature
    • Go to image properties
    • Click on the link tab
    • Enter the URL of where you want the image to link to.
    • Press ok
    • Press Update when finished.
    These amendments will now appear on any emails sent out through Arithon.
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