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Mailing a CV (or any other attachment) to a Candidate

If the CV is in the attachments of the particular candidate
  1. Go to that candidate's record
  2. Make sure that their email address is filled in
  3. Go to the attachments pane of that candidate
  4. When you put your mouse over the envelope icon, you will be presented with 2 choices (Email Candidates and Email Contacts), click on Email Candidates (if you have more than 1 attachment for that candidate, use the envelope icon that is on the same row as the CV you want to send)
  5. The email window will pop up and the CV will be attached
  6. Click on "To" - this will open the select recipients window
  7. If you did a search to find the candidate, click on "Take all candidates from last search", this will fill in the white box on the left with everyone from the last search.
    Alternatively, search for the candidates surname by typing it in the white box at the top and pressing "Go"
  8. Find the candidate in the white box on the left and double click on them so that they go over to the right hand side and click on "OK"
  9. Email as normal

If the CV is on your computer / network
  1. Go to that candidate's record
  2. Make sure that their email address is filled in and click on "Personal Email"
  3. This will open the email window and the candidate will automatically be a recipient of the mail
  4. Click on the "Attach" button - this will open a new window that you can add attachments with
  5. Click on the "Browse" button, locate the file and double click on it. You will be back to the attachments window.
  6. Click on "Add/Delete Attachments" to add the file. When the file is added, it will be underneath the blue bar. You can add more attachments if you want to.
    To remove an unwanted file, tick the box to the right of the file and click on "Add/Delete Attachments"
  7. Click on "Ok" when you are finished adding and deleting attachments. This will bring you back to the email window
  8. Email as normal
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