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Location Groupings

To organise your locations into groups, you can do as follows:  
  • Admin
  • Preferences
  • Location Grouping

    You could have a location for each county in Ireland, and within each location you could have groups "Ulster", "Munster", etc., containing the appropriate counties, or a group "Ireland" containing all of them.   

    You can then select one of these groups in the vacancy Location field. 
              If instead of a specific county, you are interested in candidates from all of Munster for this vacancy.   

    Similarly you can select a location group instead of a location for a candidate (in the Main tab, fields Current Location and Desired Location). 
              This would mean that the candidate is interested in jobs in all of Munster for example.   

    How does this affect matching?   
    If you have the "Only match exact locations" box ticked in:

    • Admin  
    • Preferences
    • Match Settings

    Arithon will then only ever match exact locations - i.e. it won't use a radius search to determine the distance between the candidate and vacancy locations.  

    With this option enabled, the location groupings affect the match as follows:  

    • If a vacancy has a location group, it will match any candidates that either have that same group selected as their location, or that have any of the specific locations *in* that group set as their location.
    • If a vacancy has a specific location, it will match any candidates that also have that specific location, but also any candidates that have a group that contains that location.  

    Say we have a group Munster: Clare, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Cork and Waterford.  
    • If a vacancy has location Munster, any candidates in any of these counties will match, as well as candidates with location Munster.
    • If a vacancy is in Waterford, any candidates from Waterford, as well as any candidates from Munster will match.
    • If exact location matching is off, candidates match based on their distance from the vacancy location.
    • If a vacancy has a group as a location, the candidate's distance will be calculated to each of the locations in that group and the closest one will be used.
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