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Temporary Placements

Temporary Placements

To create a Temporary Vacancy:

1) On the Client Screen, find the client for whom you wish to add the Vacancy for (Please note, you must first have a client saved on the system, before adding a Vacancy)
2) Click the "Add Vacancy" button at the top of the screen
3) Enter in the details for the Vacancy, specifically making sure you have:

  • Job Title
  • Type -> Set to "Temp and Perm" or "Temp"
  • Starting-> enter in a start date for the position
  • End Date of Contract-> enter in an end date

4) Click Save
5) On your Desktop, you should now see the Vacancy under "My Open Vacancies"
6) If the Vacancy has a start date in the next ten days, the Vacancy will also appear under the "Vacancies Starting" tab on the Desktop

To Select and Place a Candidate in a Temporary Vacancy:

1) Match the Candidate to the Vacancy or vice versa, for more information on this:
How to Match

2) In the Selections screen, follow the prompts to either put them through for a placement, or start the interview process

3) For more information on the interview process, please visit:
Interview Process

4) Once the candidate is placed, and the record appears on the Placement screen you must set the placement details

5) Beside the placement record, click the button for "Set Placement Details"

6) If there is a one of fee and salary, enter these details in the new screen, if not, leave these fields blank

7) Enter in the actual start date of the placement, then click "Done".

8) If the placement is charged on an hourly basis, you can manage this by clicking the "View timesheet" link

9) For more information on "Time Sheets" please visit:

Time Sheets and Time Sheet Reports

10) If the dates of the job is starting/ ending in the next 10 days, the placement details will appear on your Desktop under "Vacancies Starting" and/or "Vacancies/ Candidates Finishing".

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